Important Updates to Birds (SL Only)


What’s in the update?

*A MAJOR Crash Fix*

It came to my notice earlier this week that the birds were crashing regularly. In most cases they crashed with a stack-heap collision within 24 hours of them being rezzed. I think that something must have changed in the Second Life scripting engine that is causing this because I haven’t changed the bird code since February and they were all very stable until this last week or so.

This latest version fixes the crashing problem and will provide more stability and flexibility for future birds. Please update your bird(s) as soon as you can.

*A New Command*

It’s not a completely new command, it’s a pseudonym for “static”. You can now use “perch” or “static” to make the bird stay in one place and sing.

*Modified Output from the “Mode” Command*

When you give a mode command, your birds will now say “perched” instead of static.


How do I get the updates?

Go to the Sandry’s Store of your choice and find the vendor for your bird.

Click on the vendor and choose “Redelivery”

The server will deliver a new copy of the bird to you.

(Repeat for each bird that you have)

If you’re not sure where the stores are, this is a SLURL to get you there:


What if I got the bird from Marketplace?

Go to the my Main Store at Turing Isle and collect your update from the vendor(s) there.


What if the bird was sent to me as a Gift?

Go to the my Main Store at Turing Isle and collect your update from the vendor(s) there.


I have your birds in InWorldz, do I need to update them there too?

No, the problem that this update fixes has only occured in Second Life.


Why did you make that command change?

I had never been quite happy with the “static” command/mode. I chose that name for it because I used “active” for the hopping around mode and “passive” for the standing still mode and I thought that “stationary” was too long and clumsy. But “static” is not intuitive, it implies standing still. I had been considering changing it to “perch” for the command and “perched” for the output of the “mode” command for a while and now that there is a significant increase in free memory in the birds’ scripts, it seemed like the ideal opportunity to make the change and introduce “perch” while still keeping “static” for backwards compatibility.


What if I don’t want to receive your news messages?

You are receiving this message because you are a customer of mine or because you subscribed to my news service at one of my stores. If you no longer wish to receive these messages, please visit one of the stores and click on one of the subscribe/unsubscribe signs that are near the vendors.

This is the SLURL to my Main Store, you can unsubscribe from the “Tree” sign next to the entrance.


If you have any problems or queries, please contact me by IM or by email: [email protected]


Thank you for shopping at Sandry’s.


House Sparrows

The House Sparrows are out!

Yes! Sparrows plural for there are two of them: a male and a female.

They have all the usual features:

  • 10 songs/calls,
  • Searching, pecking, singing routines,
  • Thousands of combinations of random movements
  • Roaming, Perched or Worn modes
  • Chat commands to perform songs on demand, change song volume, configure roaming area, etc.
  • Free updates/product replacements

They are available separately or as a pair (at a discounted price).  You can get them at all the usual places: my stores in Second Life and InWorldz, on the Marketplace and on Cariama.


Store Links below… Continue reading