Animated Old Fashioned Water Pump

  • Exclusive pumping animations for the avatar.
  • Exclusive sculpted prim models and textures.
  • Authentic sound effects.
  • Bucket fills as you pump.
  • Particle and prim water effects.
  • Dispenses a bucket to your visitors and guests.
  • Bucket also contains animation for carrying.
  • Free Updates/Product Replacements.

You step up to the pump, lean forward to drop the bucket onto the hook on the spout and step sideways so that you can grasp the handle. The pump is old and the handle heavy and you can hear the aging mechanism groan as you heave the handle upwards to the top of its swing. You get a good, solid grip of the handle and start to pump. The first stroke produces no water, but the next two is more rewarding; water gushes forth from the spout and the water level in your bucket rises. Each movement of the handle is accompanied by the groan of the pump and the squeak of the hinge. You stop for a moment to see how much water you have in the bucket and ease your stiff shoulder, still sore from all the logs you chopped earlier, and continue pumping. The pressure in the pump has fallen while you paused but it increases quickly as you pump again and in a few strokes the bucket is full. As you push the handle back down for the last time, it swings to its home position with a wheeze and a clatter and the last little bit of water coughs out of the spout. You lean down, pick up your bucket and walk away….

Available in Rusted Blue and Antique Brown.

You can see the pump in action and try it out for yourself at my Main Store

It is also available from the Second Life Marketplace

And from Cariama:

Tweety Does Her Bit for Charity

I don’t know if you remember the story of Gabriwel and Tweety, who were the influence behind my canaries, and I don’t think that I ever told you that they are Japanese. When I was offered a spot at the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser, it seemed only appropriate that Tweety should be my flagship product.

If you purchase a Canary from the stall there, the entire proceeds go to I’m also donating 50% of the proceeds from the sale of the Robin, a few of the farm accessories and a selection of the LogSpark Western Hats. There are some 400 different designers taking part and many of them have created things exclusively for this fund raiser.

SLURL: Pacific Crisis Fundraiser

Old Fashioned Wooden Wheelbarrows

The Old Fashioned Wooden Wheelbarrows are styled after the sort of thing your Grandpa might have used. Each of the six custom made sculpted prims has its own baked texture creating an aged and worn look for the barrow, making it look like it’s been performing faithful service for many a year.

The barrows are available in a “new”, clean, wooden finish, an old and worn brown wooden finish and an old and worn grey finish.

You can see them in the flesh and purchase them at all the usual places.

Canary Updates

You may have noticed that the Canaries become inactive after a while and do nothing except blink. I found a problem that was causing them to crash and I’ve made some modifications to their script which I think has fixed it.

This update is only required for the Canary.

You can get an updated Canary by going to one of the Canary vendors, touching it and choosing “Redelivery” from the menu.

If you purchased your bird from the Second Life Marketplace, you can collect your update in the same way. This is a SLURL for my Main Store:

Gabriwel and Tweety

This is Tweety an RL pet that belonged to Second Life resident Gabriwel Juliesse. Tweety had been sick from birth and Gabriwel had cared for her and nursed her for years. When I met Gabriwel she had recently lost Tweety. Unable to find a canary in SL to remind her of her dear friend, she had just purchased my robin.

I must confess that I had not even considered making a canary at that time, I was thinking of making a Great Tit or a Blue Tit (more favourite garden birds form my childhood) but Gabriwel and Tweety’s story touched my heart. You’ll find that many of the canaries in my stores are called Tweety in memory of Gabriwel’s Tweety, but if you find them called Artie, he is one of the bird whose songs my canaries sing.

Animated Commercial Painter Set

Wear the paint brush. Right Click the ladder, choose “Climb Up” and watch your avatar climb up to paint the wall. Your avatar dips the brush into the paint pot to load it with paint and paints the wall with a combination of vertical and horizontal brush strokes.

When you have finished, click the ladder, choose “Climb Down” and watch your avatar come back down again. It’s pretty much guaranteed to raise a smile.

Sandry’s Animated Commercial Painter Set features animations by Solcar Amat with sculpted prims, textures and scripting by Sandry Logan.

Scripted controls allow you to fine tune the avatar’s position on the ladder and change the colour of the paint. The set will also give paint brushes to your friends/visitors so that you can set them to work too.

LogSpark Dog Racer for VKC (TM) Dogs

This is a release from my business venture with my old friend Blu Sparkle.

The LogSpark VKC(TM) Dog Racer System allows you to set up race courses and send a group of dogs off to race around them. Any VKC Dogs can race, those that you own or those that are owned by another. Polar Bears, Hyenas and Penguins can race too. In fact, it was the penguins that we first made it for. They look so cute running around the courses together.

Using a simple tool to gather the Way Points, you record the course in a Notecard and drop it into your Racer System.

Click the Racer System and a menu guides you through choosing a group of dogs, choosing the course and setting a speed. Once you’ve made your choices, the Racer System takes over and calls the contestants to the start line.

After waiting a few seconds for them to assemble, it counts down: 3… 2… 1… GO Racers! And they’re off!

Come and try it for yourself at Turing Isle VKC Dog Park in Second Life.

But, it’s not just for dogs…

The Canary is Released

The preview that I posted a couple of days ago was taken very late in the development of the canary, and now, after a little more testing and a few mods to the movement routines, he’s ready to go. Just like the Robin, he is equally at home riding around on your shoulder, sitting perched in a tree or on another object and hopping around on the ground. Wherever you put him he’ll sing at the top of his voice at every opportunity.

For full details of what he can do, have a look at his manual page at the forums.

If you’d like to see him in world, he’s at my store on Turing Isle – SLURL.
He’s also on Marketplace – Link.