Hi, my name is Sandry Logan.

I’m the one on the left.

No… the other left. The dark handsome one with the spines and claws is Miller.

I am a programmer/scripter, builder and machinimatographer working in virtual worlds such as Second Life and InWorldz.  I started SL in January 2006 when I read about it on the BBC web site late one night. I’d only read Snow Crash and the Neoromancer trilogy that previous Autumn and my first reaction was, “OMG! They made the metaverse!”. If you’d been at my house that night, you would have witnessed telekinesis first hand as my credit card appeared out of nowhere in my hand as I typed in my registration details. A few months later I opened my first store in partnership with the amazing Blu Sparkle and by then end of the first year, we were the proud owners of Turing Isle in partnership with the also amazing Enrico Genosse of Virtual Kennel Club fame. Turing Isle is now three sims and a small community of residents and dog lovers that I am proud to call my friends and Blu and I still work together and trade as LogSpark International. We also do a lot of work with Enrico and the VKC™ Dogs where Blu is the VKC Parks Director handling much of the VKC’s day to day business and heading up the team of VKC Proven Trainers.

I am now venturing into some of the other grids, starting with InWorldz where I am opening the first branch of Sandry’s Store on Matahari Island. Expect to see me at other locations soon.

The purpose of this site is to advertise and document my new range of products: solo projects and collaborations with Amat Animations as I branch out further into virtual worlds now that there’s some extra space in my RL.

Sandry’s Main Store SLURL.