Post and Rail Fence Kit

Sandry’s Post and Rail fence kit is modelled on the post and rail fencing that my father purchased from Jacksons Fencing and built around our property when I was a small child. Each of the fence sections is slightly different from the others so that you can create an authentic looking fence for your property. For the most part, the differences in the components are only subtle, just enough to keep the fence from being completely straight and uniform, but designed to allow you to create an individual fence. There are also completely straight sections included should you wish to go for the perfectly straight look. The kit includes some corner sections with a heavier corner post and a pair of broken sections where the rails are broken and falling down. There are also spare rails and posts for those situations where nothing quite fits and you need to make up one last little piece to fit it all together.

The pieces have Copy and Modify permissions so that you can fine tune them to suit your build. If you find that the post is on the wrong end of the fence section, don’t forget that you can mirror the sculptmap in the Object tab of the Edit window.

The kit contains a pair of scripted gates with posts. One gate swings 90 degrees clockwise and the other anticlockwise. These are not perfect five bar gates or anything. They are meant to look like they were made from the posts and rails of the fence itself, which is exactly what Dad made them from back in the day.

The fence parts are all one prim each except for the gates which are two prims.

The fence kit is available in both a brown or a green rustic finish. You can see examples of both colour options in my in-world store.

The Second Life versions of the fence kits are also available with an animated style. Try it out at the store. (I’ll release a version for InWorldz as soon as we can find a solution for the Sit Target problem that is preventing it from working properly at the moment.)