The Robin and Canary come to in InWorldz

I can’t tell you how excited I am to finally be able to release the Robin and Canary in InWorldz. I’ve been holding back on this release until the new scripting engine was in place and now it’s here and so are the birds.

The birds can sing, peck the ground, look all around, turn, hop around on the ground or other surface, or sleep. They have ten different songs and thousands of combinations of movements from which they choose at random. You can name them and you can wear them on your shoulder where they will entertain you with song.

The birds can be instructed to hop around freely, stay in a certain area, stand still, and sleep. They will be equally at home hopping around in the garden, riding on your shoulder, or standing on a wall or branch.

You can visit them in-world at my store on Matahari Island.


2 thoughts on “The Robin and Canary come to in InWorldz

  1. We got this yesterday & Absolutely Love it!

    It is by far the most realistic looking Animal I have ever seen in any VW… it moves & performs exactly as a real one would! Well done Sandry! We got the canary 😉

  2. Awwww Rosa, thank you! I’m very proud of these little guys and I’m so glad that you like him :c)

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