Animated Woodchopping Set (InWorldz Edition)

I had to rewrite a bit of the code and rebuild the model slightly for use in InWorldz because (for the moment) there is no object physics. So this is the InWorldz version of the Animated Woodchopping Set.

Limber up before you start, loosen your limbs and ease the crick in your neck. You step forward and take the axe from the stump. A moment or two as you gauge the weight of the axe and you take your first swing. There is a rewarding cracking sound as the axe bites into the stump. You lift the axe and swing again. This time the sound is louder, the axe bites deeper into the log, but you have to put all your weight into to it pull it back out. You swing a third time and this time your efforts are rewarded with a very satisfying crunch and a flurry or wood chips as the log splits and falls away. You step over to the log pile and lift another…

Animations: Solcar Amat
Modelling and Scripting: Sandry Logan
Other Farm Accessories by Sandry
Music: Colin Busby Swing Band – At The Woodchopper’s Ball

Sandry’s InWorldz Store: Matahari Island, 163, 24, 26