Nothing New? Have you left?

“Oi Logan!” said shouted Miller*, “You haven’t made anything new for two years or more. Have you given up and left?

No, no. I’m still in Second Life and InWorldz and still going strong. The difference is that I’m now spending more time working for the Virtual Kennel Club and it’s not leaving me any spare time for the birds or the farm stuff. But, my store is still there in SL and IW and the products are still up to date and working well :c)

*I don’t know why he feels the need to shout. He’s right there on my shoulder, I can hear him even if he whispers.

The Woodshed

The Woodshed is available as the Shed Only (above) or a Complete Set (below) which includes all the little piles of sawn logs and the tools hanging on the rack.

  • 11 Different single-prim log piles.
  • Axe
  • Hatchet
  • Bow Saw
  • Tool Rack

The complete set (using one of each item) is 28 prims.
(The Woodshed alone is 10 prims.)

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The Blue Tit

Like my other little birds, the Blue Tit can hop around on the ground, perch or ride on your shoulder. Wherever you put him he’ll look around and serenade you at every available opportunity.

He has all the usual features:

  • 5 songs/calls,
  • Searching, pecking, singing routines,
  • Thousands of combinations of random movements
  • Roaming, Perched or Worn modes
  • Chat commands to perform songs on demand, change song volume, configure roaming area, etc.
  • Free updates/product replacements

But, given that he doesn’t have as many songs as the others, when you get to the store, you’ll find he’s a little cheaper.

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Post and Rail Fence Kit

Sandry’s Post and Rail fence kit is modelled on the post and rail fencing that my father purchased from Jacksons Fencing and built around our property when I was a small child. Each of the fence sections is slightly different from the others so that you can create an authentic looking fence for your property. For the most part, the differences in the components are only subtle, just enough to keep the fence from being completely straight and uniform, but designed to allow you to create an individual fence. There are also completely straight sections included should you wish to go for the perfectly straight look. The kit includes some corner sections with a heavier corner post and a pair of broken sections where the rails are broken and falling down. There are also spare rails and posts for those situations where nothing quite fits and you need to make up one last little piece to fit it all together.

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Important Updates to Birds (SL Only)


What’s in the update?

*A MAJOR Crash Fix*

It came to my notice earlier this week that the birds were crashing regularly. In most cases they crashed with a stack-heap collision within 24 hours of them being rezzed. I think that something must have changed in the Second Life scripting engine that is causing this because I haven’t changed the bird code since February and they were all very stable until this last week or so.

This latest version fixes the crashing problem and will provide more stability and flexibility for future birds. Please update your bird(s) as soon as you can.

*A New Command*

It’s not a completely new command, it’s a pseudonym for “static”. You can now use “perch” or “static” to make the bird stay in one place and sing.

*Modified Output from the “Mode” Command*

When you give a mode command, your birds will now say “perched” instead of static.


How do I get the updates?

Go to the Sandry’s Store of your choice and find the vendor for your bird.

Click on the vendor and choose “Redelivery”

The server will deliver a new copy of the bird to you.

(Repeat for each bird that you have)

If you’re not sure where the stores are, this is a SLURL to get you there:


What if I got the bird from Marketplace?

Go to the my Main Store at Turing Isle and collect your update from the vendor(s) there.


What if the bird was sent to me as a Gift?

Go to the my Main Store at Turing Isle and collect your update from the vendor(s) there.


I have your birds in InWorldz, do I need to update them there too?

No, the problem that this update fixes has only occured in Second Life.


Why did you make that command change?

I had never been quite happy with the “static” command/mode. I chose that name for it because I used “active” for the hopping around mode and “passive” for the standing still mode and I thought that “stationary” was too long and clumsy. But “static” is not intuitive, it implies standing still. I had been considering changing it to “perch” for the command and “perched” for the output of the “mode” command for a while and now that there is a significant increase in free memory in the birds’ scripts, it seemed like the ideal opportunity to make the change and introduce “perch” while still keeping “static” for backwards compatibility.


What if I don’t want to receive your news messages?

You are receiving this message because you are a customer of mine or because you subscribed to my news service at one of my stores. If you no longer wish to receive these messages, please visit one of the stores and click on one of the subscribe/unsubscribe signs that are near the vendors.

This is the SLURL to my Main Store, you can unsubscribe from the “Tree” sign next to the entrance.


If you have any problems or queries, please contact me by IM or by email: [email protected]


Thank you for shopping at Sandry’s.


House Sparrows

The House Sparrows are out!

Yes! Sparrows plural for there are two of them: a male and a female.

They have all the usual features:

  • 10 songs/calls,
  • Searching, pecking, singing routines,
  • Thousands of combinations of random movements
  • Roaming, Perched or Worn modes
  • Chat commands to perform songs on demand, change song volume, configure roaming area, etc.
  • Free updates/product replacements

They are available separately or as a pair (at a discounted price).  You can get them at all the usual places: my stores in Second Life and InWorldz, on the Marketplace and on Cariama.


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The Robin and Canary come to in InWorldz

I can’t tell you how excited I am to finally be able to release the Robin and Canary in InWorldz. I’ve been holding back on this release until the new scripting engine was in place and now it’s here and so are the birds.

The birds can sing, peck the ground, look all around, turn, hop around on the ground or other surface, or sleep. They have ten different songs and thousands of combinations of movements from which they choose at random. You can name them and you can wear them on your shoulder where they will entertain you with song.

The birds can be instructed to hop around freely, stay in a certain area, stand still, and sleep. They will be equally at home hopping around in the garden, riding on your shoulder, or standing on a wall or branch.

You can visit them in-world at my store on Matahari Island.


Animated Old Fashioned Water Pump (InWorldz Edition)


Step up to the pump, drop the bucket onto the hook on the spout and step sideways to grasp the handle. The pump is old and the handle heavy and you can hear the aging mechanism groan as you heave the handle upwards to the top of its swing. You get a good, solid grip of the handle and start to pump. The first stroke produces no water, but the next is more rewarding; water gushes forth from the spout and the water level in your bucket rises. Each movement of the handle is accompanied by the groan of the pump and the squeak of the hinge. You stop for a moment to see how much water you have in the bucket and ease your stiff shoulder, still sore from all the logs you chopped earlier, and continue pumping. The pressure in the pump has fallen while you paused but it increases quickly as you pump again and in a few strokes the bucket is full. As you push the handle back down for the last time, it swings to its home position with a wheeze and a clatter and the last little bit of water coughs out of the spout. You lean down, pick up your bucket and walk away….

Available in Rusted Blue and Antique Brown.

Filmed on location in InWorldz

Animations: Solcar Amat
Modelling and Scripting: Sandry Logan
Other Farm Accessories by Sandry
Music: Dire Straits – Water of Love

Sandry’s InWorldz Store: Matahari Island, 163, 24, 26

Cariama: Antique Brown | Rusted Blue



Animated Woodchopping Set (InWorldz Edition)

I had to rewrite a bit of the code and rebuild the model slightly for use in InWorldz because (for the moment) there is no object physics. So this is the InWorldz version of the Animated Woodchopping Set.

Limber up before you start, loosen your limbs and ease the crick in your neck. You step forward and take the axe from the stump. A moment or two as you gauge the weight of the axe and you take your first swing. There is a rewarding cracking sound as the axe bites into the stump. You lift the axe and swing again. This time the sound is louder, the axe bites deeper into the log, but you have to put all your weight into to it pull it back out. You swing a third time and this time your efforts are rewarded with a very satisfying crunch and a flurry or wood chips as the log splits and falls away. You step over to the log pile and lift another…

Animations: Solcar Amat
Modelling and Scripting: Sandry Logan
Other Farm Accessories by Sandry
Music: Colin Busby Swing Band – At The Woodchopper’s Ball

Sandry’s InWorldz Store: Matahari Island, 163, 24, 26




Animated Hay Forking Set

  • Delightful custom avatar animations by Solcar Amat for working with the fork to load hay into the barrow and stopping to take a break.
  • Exclusive sculpted prim models and textures.
  • Innovative random animation system.
  • Dispenses a fork and drinking bottle to your guests and visitors so that you can put them to work too.
  • Free Updates/Product Replacements.

The animation starts with your avatar leaning against the little fence. You walk forward to the pile of hay and brush your hands together before picking up the fork and starting work. You dig the fork into the pile of hay gathering the hay on it and swing it over to tip it into the wheelbarrow. All the time the little particles of hay float off on the breeze. Once in a while you step up onto the hay pile to scrape the hay down from the top of the pile and gather it together with the fork before going back to filling the barrow.

Periodically you need to stop for a break. You stick the fork back into the hay pile and step over to the little fence where you take the bottle from the top of the post and drink. You stretch your limbs and rest for a few minutes, drink again and step back to the hay pile to start working once more…

Come and try it out for yourself at my Main Store