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There is nothing new on your web site, have you left SL?

No, no, I'm still in Second Life. But, things have changed in my RL and I am now also caring for my parents. So in the time I have at my disposal, I am concentrating on my work with the Virtual Kennel Club and their wonderful pets.

If you are looking for my stuff, the birds and farm accessories are still available from my little store at Turing Isle or on the Second Life Marketplace If there is something in particular you wish to see, or try out, please give me a shout by Instant Message in SL and I'll be happy to leave it out for you to inspect and try out.

The Birds' Manual is here:

If you are seeking Miller's web site, it is here:

And here are some of the highlights from my products

Thank you Chic Aeon for this one! :c)

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